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Possums: a great threat to the environment in Auckland

The threat of possums

Did you know that possums are one of the greatest pests in Auckland? Possums can be carriers of T B, can wipe out native plants and insect life and pose a great threat on the environment.
Top Pest Control is well aware of these threats and is here to provide expert support when it comes to ridding your property of possums.
one of the possums in an Auckland tree

Introduced in 1837

The Australian brush tailed possum was introduced to New Zealand in 1837 to establish a fur trade.
Little did they know just what a threat these possums would cause the local environment. There is obvious visible damage to native forests that can be seen in many areas across Auckland and the rest of New Zealand.
Possums like to target the best new growth while ignoring old leaves, causing devastation to native plants.
There are many examples of areas in which possums have eaten whole canopies of rata, totara, titoki, kowhai and kohekohe.
One of Auckland's pest possums
Possums in Auckland compete with the local wildlife for a range of insects and berries. They also disturb nesting birds, eat eggs and 
chicks as well as native land snails.Local farmers are also concerned about possums spreading bovine tuberculosis.
Possums are a threat to suburban gardens and can even cause problems inside homes, particularly in roof spaces.
possums in a cage in Auckland

What we can do

The team at Top Pest Control is here to provide expert support when it comes to possum infestations in 
Auckland. We can locate, rid and prevent possums from causing damage to your propertyand the local environment. Speak to our team today and we can put a pest control plan in place.
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