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Keeping Auckland free of disease carrying rats

Not many people would want to share a home with rats

Rats; not many like them; especially when they are crawling around your food and your children. Speak with Top Pest Control today for effective treatment of ratsin Auckland.

We understand how rats behave and where they like to hang out. We can make sure your home or workplace is completely rat-free.

Call us today and you will never have to see a rat in your home or at work again.

One of the rats in Auckland kitchen

Types of rats

Three of the most common varieties of rats in Auckland are ship rats, Norway rats and kiore. Rats have been introduced into the environment and are threats to the long-term survival of native species. Kiore rats threaten rare weta, snails, frogs, lizards, tuatara, birds and bats, as well as other insects and flows. Ship rats and Norway rats also eat a range of plant material and small animals, having a devastating effect on the environment.

lady with one of Auckland rats

The threat of rats 

Rats have a major impact on the environment in Auckland and across New Zealand. They dine on a range of native and often rare plants, fruits and animals which may cause species to die out completely. Ship rats cause the most damage to the wildlife as they are good climbers and can access high places such as birds' nests. Kiore rats eat a wide range of native seeds, fruits, lizard and insects, threatening the local environment.

Termite treatment and prevention in Auckland

What we can do

Our Auckland-based team uses the latest technology and developments in pest control. We have the most advanced methods and chemicals for both the extermination and prevention of rats. Your home or workplace should never have to feel threatened by the presence of nasty rats. You can count on our team to get the job done properly, keeping your family safe. Call us today for a quote.

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